La Piazza was established not only to satisfy customers with the fine dining, but also to create a family environment at the heart of Brighton Le Sands and invite people into its welcoming atmosphere. Famous for their wood-fired pizzas, La Piazza offers nothing but the best quality of food and customer service. The friendly staff at La Piazza promise that you won’t be able to resist.

The mouth watering, child friendly menu will without a doubt take your tummy on a trip to Italy, leaving you feeling more than satisfied. The Finalist Award bestowed on La Piazza as being one of the best businesses operating for a year or less, is a stout reassurance that you will not be disappointed with your dining experience. The open kitchen allows you to watch your meals as they are prepared and provides entertainment for the little ones in the family.

La Piazza also FULLY LICENSED and accommodates for any events you may wish to hold such as birthdays and Christenings. Set menu options are available.

CEO of
★★★★★ By A Google User - May 3, 2010
As a pizza lover, and a gastronome, I tried La Piazza for the first time last night and was very impressed with the quality and general feel and look and taste of their pizzas. They were healthier than your average cheezy pizza because they were not dripping with cheese and the crust was nice and thin but not cardboard like, it was like a true italian pizza you get in Venice or Brindizi or Florence. The place is not too big which makes it nice and cosy, and they cater for take away as well. I am going to have a tough time trying to limit myself to one pizza per week. Check it out, you wont be disappointed. Just be careful when you walk in, make sure you are in the right place because there is another pizza shop a few doors down.

One Very Satisfied Pizza Fan
★★★★★ Via Email - June 13, 2010
I had my first LaPiazza experience last night and I must praise Mario and all the staff. I was impressed by the food, the atmosphere and the general feel of the new restaurant. The food was magnificent and tasted divine, the portions were generous for the very very reasonable price. This places wasn't about to burn holes in our pockets! The service was also to a very high standard and we weren’t kept waiting for too long till our food was ready, considering that the dough is fresh the timing was excellent. All who enjoy and love fine Italian cuisine, know there is nothing like authentic woodfired pizza. LaPiazza Brighton provided not only amazing food but also a fantastic atmosphere for an excellent night out.

Huge slices of generosity
29 Mar, 2010
ON the site of a former Flight Centre office at Brighton-le-Sands, Mario Hermina has built an imposing new wood-fired pizza/pasta restaurant, La Piazza. Mario, winner of a best pizza in NSW award from a previous restaurant in Maroubra, has converted the old office into an impressive, modern restaurant with smart padded benches and a large earthenware pizza oven. Most impressive are the prices at La Piazza which are surprisingly reasonable. Mario's pizzas are freshly cooked and start at $13 for a basic margherita with the traditional topping of tomato, mozzarella (Mario uses genuine Italian mozzarella) and basil. Unlike many pizza restaurants, Mario gives his customers the choice of ``pizza rosse'' or ``pizza bianche'' that is pizzas with and without a tomato base. His smart new restaurant serves entrees such as bruschetta (from $6) and garlic prawns ($13 for a generous serving of six) and a choice of 10 veal and chicken dishes, all at $15, including chicken Mexicana and veal with a green peppercorn sauce. Also on the menu are six versions of risotto all at $14. The restaurant also offers a kids' menu for $6. Finally, there is a choice of home-made desserts including a stunning tiramisu for $6. La Piazza is open for lunch from noon and dinner from 5pm, seven days a week. La Piazza, 337 Bay Street, Brighton-le-Sands. Phone: 95999444.

Taken from The St. George and Sutherland Shire Leader.

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